WHO IS GOlfing With ROb?

Are you looking for real, honest, transparent, and complete reviews on how golf products perform?

The best offer for gamblers free spins. Come on. Increased chance of winning! My name is Robert McDowell; I have been playing golf for over 30 years and genuinely love this sport. I guess you could say I come by it honestly as my grandfather once played in the Jackie Gleason amature open back in the day. 

Having been taught at a young age that if you are going to do something, do it right has stayed with me and something I strongly believe. Ever since I started playing golf, I have always been looking to improve my golf game, whether it’s through golf lessons, training aids, books, and videos on golf. The most expensive and significant area I turned to in an attempt to hit the ball longer, were golf clubs and balls.  

Like most amateur golfers, the problem is always with the arrows and not the archer, am I right? Golf companies are more than willing to oblige us by continuously producing new golf equipment that seems to address the very thing we are wanting. 

Now that I am older, “late 50’s” a little wiser, I now take the time to look deeper into the marketing of golf equipment, and as a result, I have made some startling realizations.  A great example of this is in the golf ball arena.

I purchased the entire line of Top Flight golf balls after deciding to start my testing of golf balls with the brand that arguably has the cheapest new balls on the market today. The Top Flite XL distance prices at $6.99 for 15 balls, which breaks down to 0.46 cents per ball. The marketing of their line of 5 different types of balls all makes a claim they go the furthest, and that is within the make-up of their own company!!! How can a company make five different levels of golf balls and make a statement they all go the furthest! I only included four here, but I think you get the idea. 

I understand that they have to excite customers with new products, but in the words of Monday Night Football, “Come on Man.”

To go along with that, when I read reviews and watched videos, the person is either a pro or 1-2 handicapper. My thoughts are, “well, that’s great, but how would it work for me as an average amateur golfer?” The other problems with the reviews I read or watch are the lack of references. Take the claim “with this golf club or golf ball I hit the ball 10 yards further” There are a lot of factors other than the club or ball that could attribute to the golf ball traveling further. 

It’s for these reasons; I decided to create this blog site. 

The invention of the launch monitor provides an excellent means to see what is taking place when the golf club interacts with the golf ball and what needs to be changed to achieve the desired results. My SkyTrak launch monitor allows me to provide you 13 different data points of swing speed and ball flight dynamics. 

I want to welcome you again and invite you to join me on this journey in which we will all learn a lot about the numbers behind the golf swing, what they mean, and finally separate fact from hype with the golf products on the market today and tomorrow.