How the Smash Factor Works for You!

What is a smash factor?

How do you calculate a smash factor, and how does it work for me?

Energy injected into a golf ball is what drives your golf ball. The speed of the golf club creates that energy. The process for measuring the transfer of energy from club to the ball is the smash factor.

Or with a SkyTrack: it’s the power transfer index (or PTI for short.)

I prefer PTI because it’s self-explanatory. One critical piece of information about PTI is that all the energy created by your swing speed may not transfer into the ball. The mechanics of how you make contact with the ball will determine the PTI.

The smash factor/ PTI scale ranges from 0 to 1.5, with 1.5 representing the highest amount of energy transfer allowable by the PGA.The formula for calculating PTI is by taking the ball speed and dividing it by the swing speed.

The most used example of this is taking a 100 mph swing speed, which, if hit correctly, will generate a ball speed of 150mph. Taking 150 and dividing it by 100 gives you a smash factor/PTI of 1.5. Smash factor or PTI is a crucial data point to look for when reading reviews about how a golf club or golf ball performs regarding distance. Ball distance can vary significantly by just a .02 change in smash factor/PTI.

Take a look at the raw data provided on this site under full benchmark click here. With my 3 Wood, for example, there are several times I had a wing speed of 90 mph with varying Smash factors/PTI of 1.47, 1.49, and 1.46 with corresponding total distances of 221 yards, 232 yards and 214 yards.

With these examples, launch angles were 13.7, 13.9, and 14.4. Respectfully, launch angles open up a whole different can of worms when looking at a golf product performance, and we are still only scratching the surface. I am guessing you are beginning to see just how easy it is for reviewers to slant testing results to favor one golf product over another on purpose or inadvertently.

In conclusion, I use smash factor/ PTI to not sugar coat any of the data I am presenting. What you get is real, honest data.

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