How You Can Use a Golf Benchmark!

When developing this golf benchmark for product performance testing/reviews, I felt that tight parameters were necessary to increase the validity and accuracy of future golf testing and reviews.

Out of the 13 data points I collect using my SkyTrak launch monitor, there are only two that I or any golfer can control.

  1. The speed of the golf swing
  2. PTI or Smash Factor

I prefer to use PTI as it better describes what is taking place. (click here to check out my opinion on PTI and Smash Factor!)

For improved consistency and accuracy, I chose to allow only 4 miles per hour variance from the lowest to highest swing speed and only a .4 variation in the PTI between the highest and lowest.

Now, I know what you’re thinking..

0.4 may not seem like much, but you will quickly see  how much of an impact that little an amount makes. I will add that this did make for a heck of a lot of work for me due to the fact I am just a weekend golfer.

One other restriction I implemented, and again this makes for better quality control, is how much yardage I allowed for the golf ball to be off-line. For clubs:

3-PW: I gave myself 15 yards left or right of center.

Driver and 3 wood: I alloted for 35 yards left or right of center due to the longer distances.

Twenty golf balls were hit with each club to establish an overall average. The golf ball used was a box of new Callaway super hot golf balls. There was no particular reason for choosing this ball other than the fact that it is one that I play with regularly, not to mention…. well, ok, I will mention that its older version Callaway HX Hot is the one I drove 315 yards with back in the day.

Weather conditions for test:

Wind: none

Humidity: 50%

Altitude: 470ft (approximate for where I live)

Fairway: Standard

As a note, these are all factors that can be changed, which I will demonstrate at some point down the road.

In conclusion, this is the baseline for all future tests/ reviews you will find on this site. I hope it brings you value when choosing your new golfing gear.


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