Top Flight D2+ Distance Exposed

Phew! After I tested the XL distance golf ball, I was starting to have some reservations,

but they came through with the D2+ Distance( For my full report on the Top Flite XL click here). Let’s take a look “under the cover” of the Top Flite D2+ Distance before we dive into the test results.

Top Flite D2+ Distance - Dimple in Dimple
Top Flite D2+ Distance Dimple in Dimple

Starting from the inside out

per the company description, the D2+ Distance is a two-piece golf ball that has “a larger high-speed core with a softer compression.” I searched around but could not find an actual compression rating. I am guessing that since the Top Flite XL Distance was a 90 compression ball and the D2+ Distance is a step up from that it most likely has a compression of 80. I have no idea what the high-speed core consists of, as there is no published information on that either. I have provided you a link that explains the construction of one, two, and three-piece golf balls. You can visit

The cost of the Top Flite D2+ Distance

retails for $17.99 for 15balls, and at the time of this post was on sale for $7.99.That equates to $1.19 per ball at retail price or on sale for $0.53 per ball. Now that we more or less have an idea of the golf ball construction.

Let’s get down to performance.

The D2+ Distance golf ball underwent the same testing as the Benchmark.  The Driver, 5 Iron and PW were used to represent the long, mid, and short aspects of the game. The shots used to establish the average were in the same tolerances used to determine the Benchmark.

Off the Tee,

the average distance of the benchmark ball was 251.2 yards with a carry of 234 yards. The Top Flite D2+ Distance came in at 250.7 yards total with a carry of 234.2 yards.


{5 Iron} Benchmark ball average carry was 190.9 yards with a total distance of 200.5 yards. The Top Flite D2+ Distance had a carry of 187.7 yards with a total yardage of 197.1 yards

The short game

{PW} Benchmark carry yardage was 129.25 yards and 132.4 yards for the total distance. Top Flite D2+ had a carry of 125 yards with a total yardage of 128.9.

On the surface,

one could say that the Benchmark ball {Callaway Super Hot} outperformed the Top Flite D2+ Distance. Theoretically, they would be right and could run with that all day.  But is that really the case?  What do you think you would find if you were able to look at all the numbers swing-for-swing and have the ability to matchup similar stats? Well, at Golfing With Rob, we can do that. Take a look at the table below.

Now, what do you think

about the Top Flite D2+? In this instance, the TF D2+ performed the same or better than the Callaway Super Hot. You could also take this information and run with it all day.

There is still more in these numbers that can sway your idea of which golf ball is better. I strongly encourage you to look at the raw numbers in the data provided, make comparisons, and then decide which golf ball you think performed better. Let us know what you think!

HEY! Wait!

What about the greens? How does the Top Flite “hold the greens” compared to the ball used in the Benchmark? But of course, how could I overlook that all-important aspect of the game. Well, guess what? There is a separate section devoted to just that.

Final note:

From Tee to Green, the Top Flite D2+ Distance exceeded expectations holding its own against a quality mid-priced Callaway Super Hot golf ball. The D2+ Distance has comparable carry, distance, and approach as the Callaway Super Hot golf ball at a lower price. It is definitely a ball worthy of having in your golf bag.

Let us know what you think