That was my impression during this testing. I should not be surprised by this, however, since the name sets the golfer up with big expectations.

The Top Flite Bomb

is a two-piece golf ball with a firmer ionomer cover costing $24.98 for 24 balls, which comes out to just a tad over $1.00 per ball. According to the product description, other characteristics of the Bomb are:

A.     Explosively long and straight shots.

B.     Firmer cover enhances durability while minimizing spin for greater playability and performance.

C.     Larger core construction optimizes compression for elevated ball speeds and distance off the tee.

D.     Ultimate low driver spin enables high, fast launch for exceptional playability and performance.

E.      The larger core construction optimizes compression at impact for elevated ball speeds and distance.

I know that items B and E say the same thing, but since they put it twice on their site, I figured it must be significant enough to put it on here twice as well.

The two questions come to mind

after reading the descriptions of the D2+ Distance, and the Bomb is this… Tell you what, let me list the description of the D2+ first so you can follow along.

A.     Maintain high speed with a larger core and softer compression.


C.     New, improved Durability with new cover formula.

D.     Maximize Distance with high ball speed.

E.      Dimple in Dimple helps to maintain spin to Generate Maximum distance.

For my full report on the D2+ Distance click here.

If Dimple in Dimple is supposed to provide Maximum distance

by helping maintain spin as stated on the box of Top Flite D2+ Distance, then one, why does the Top Flite Bomb not have the same dimple design? And two, why is the Bomb designed to minimize spin for greater playability and performance?  Especially if it is supposed to have EXPLOSIVE  DISTANCE?

I am dumbfounded.

If Dimple in Dimple helps maintain spin to generate maximum distance, then why in the heck did they develop a ball named BOMB, that does NOT have the Dimple in Dimple design! Somebody help me here!

Now my head hurts,

let’s move on to the durability of the Top Flite Golf Balls.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take a look. (These are all new out of the box new)

Top Flite-XL Distance-Cracked Cover
Top Flite XL Distance
Top Flite-Bomb-Cracked Cover
Top Flite Bomb
Top Flite-Bomb-Cracked Cover
Top Flite Bomb
Top Flite-D2 Distance
Top Flite D2+ Distance
Top Flite-D2+ Distance-Cracked Cover
Top Flite D2+ Distance


I neglected to mention

the cracked ball in the testing of the D2+ Distance due to the fact it was just one ball that broke compared to the Top Flite XL where three balls cracked, and after having the same thing happen again with the Bomb, I couldn’t let it go. For my full report on the Top Flite XL click here.

So with all this mixed message hype by Top Flite, how did the Bomb testing go?

I could provide you with facts that would show the Top Flite Bomb trailing behind both the D2+ and the Benchmark Ball by approximately one and two yards respectfully, and that would be truthful.  

If I provide carry yard average

only and say that the Bomb beat out both balls, that would also be true, but neither is the actual truth.

I could even pull out data

where the swing speed, ball speed, and PTI (smash Factor) are all the same and report that any one of the three golf balls are better ball, and that too would be truthful. The reason for that possibility comes down to the launch angle. Not sure what PTI is click here to read my post on that.

With so many moving parts,

reporting a golf balls actual performance is quite complicated and easy to manipulate.

Considering all data points,

the roll distance is the only one that stands out. The Bomb lagged behind the D2+ Distance and the Benchmark ball (Callaway Super Hot) by two yards.

My final review

of the Bomb is not as impressive as the name of the ball it’s self. The durability of the ball with higher swing speeds is suspect as the cover does crack. The golf ball is easier to shape compared to the D2+, and the feel is about the same. After the disappointment in the performance of the Top Flite Bomb, I could not in good conscience recommend this golf ball for any reason. I would refer back to the D2+ Distance for newer golfers, those with slower swing speeds, courses with lots of water or to pull out if you are having a bad round and don’t want to keep losing  $3 dollar balls.

I was going to perform

an approach shot test with the Bomb, but this ball is such a disappointment I can’t see the benefit of conducting such an analysis.

The Gamer

is the last ball in the Top Flite line-up, which is a 3-piece golf ball, so let’s hope the Gamer really has game. I am going to throw in the fact that, I am laughing and shaking my head as I write this,  the Gamer box states “The Gamer has the Dimple in Dimple design for aerodynamics to generate maximum distance”! Stay tuned to find out how this goes.

Let us know what you think