Topflight XL Distance fails my test

 I was pretty optimistic about the Top Flight XL distance and was quite surprised when it failed my testing.  My testing design is set-up for comparability, not a pass-fail.  

     The reason for my surprise is because Callaway had purchased Top Flight from Spalding in 2003 and then sold it to Dicks Sporting Goods in 2012. Over this period, the golf ball was re-design.

     The hype on the box of Top Flight XL Distance makes a claim: “Superior Distance and Maximum durability. Leave the lay-ups behind and step up to long distance, with three decades of distance and durability on the course. Top Flight XL is designed to make your game big, and your shots soar”. The cover is a reformulated cut-proof ionomer which creates less spin and increases durability.     

    I stopped my testing of this ball due to the cover of three of the balls cracking. After the 3rd cover broke, I did not feel that is was worth my time or yours to continue.  The one exception I had not counted on was a failure of the ball itself. 

Top Flite-XL Distance-Cracked Covers
Top Flite XL Distance Cracked Covers

I understand that this is the cheapest new golf ball on the market, and it does have a better feel than the Top Flight of old. With today technology I would expect a golf ball to perform better than this.

The only way I would recommend this ball, is if you were having a bad round of golf and didn’t want to lose any more good balls, you were playing a course with a lot of water, or you are new to the game of golf. 

I will mention that the possibility this was a bad patch of golf balls does exist. To see my review of the Top Flite D2+ Distance click here.

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